Graduate School

Reasons to Attend Graduate School

Is graduate school right for you? Graduate school should not be an alternative to a job, but a necessity for accomplishing your goals and putting you on your preferred career path. If you have a clear sense of your career direction, and if an advanced degree is required for entry into that field, then applying to graduate school makes perfect sense. Before applying, make sure to:

  • Clarify and identify your interests and career goals
  • Decide on the degree that will assist you in meeting those goals
  • Locate graduate programs that meet your needs


Applying to Graduate School
Once you've decided that graduate school is right for you, it is important to understand the next step: Applying. There are "key" things that graduate schools are looking for in applicants and you need to make sure you represent yourself in the most positive light through the entire application process.

  1. How to Locate Specific Programs
  2. Investigating Programs
  3. Target Schools - How do you select which ones to apply to?
  4. Graduate School Timetable
  5. Graduate Entrance Exams
  6. Selection Criteria - What makes you stand out?
  7. Essay tips - Writing an essay that will tip the scales in your favor.
  8. Recommendations - How to get the letter of recommendation that will "WOW" them.
  9. The Interview
  10. Get Noticed


My Graduate School
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