All parking on campus requires a permit.Parking Map

Students must login to myCMU to register for a parking permit.

Campus parking is handled through the office of student development.

Permits are required beginning the first day of classes during the fall and spring semesters, allow five days for processing your application. Permits are not required during January Term, May Term and the Summer Session. Visitor spaces, no parking, and fire lane violations are enforced year round.

Visitor spaces are for guests to campus only and are not to be used by students, faculty, or staff. Off-campus students do not qualify as visitors. See the parking map for parking locations.


Parking Permit Designations and and Locations

B Senior Administration Brannock Hall
C and D Resident Students and
Commuter (Day) Students
C and D Resident Students and Commuter (Day) Students Behind Holt Hall, lot at Church and Elm Street (behind Classic Hall), lot at Elm and N Main Streets (across the street from HP), behind McMurry Hall, behind Burford Hall, the Woodward Hall lot, Phillips Recreation Center lot, Soccer field/Outdoor Athletic Facility lot, Reynolds Gravel lot, Estes and Cox Sports Complex lot, Mulberry Street gravel lot.
Note: Parking is "C" only in the Church and Lucky Streets and "D" only in Inman Student and Community Center lot - no overnight parking. Also, only "C" tags are permitted in the Lucky St Lot; only "D" tags are permitted in the SACC/Field House Lot.
F/S Faculty and Staff All lots and spaces except Visitor and "B" including the area behind Stedman Hall and the F/S designated spaces in the Lucky Street lot and in the "church" lot at Elm Street.
 Sports Complex Cox and Estes Sports Complex lots only No Charge option to park at the Cox and Estes Sports Complex lots only. Available for both students, faculty and staff.


Street parking is regulated by the Fayette City Police. Tickets and concerns are handled at the City Office, 117 South Main St., 660-248- 5246.

Parking Ticket Waiver Petition