Communication Frequently Asked Questions

What skills do I need to succeed in this major?

If you're considering a communication major at CMU, you should be curious about how people use messages to create meaning, and be culturally aware and interested in diversity. Having the ability to effectively listen to and analyze a message is important. Strong interpersonal, reading, writing, and critical thinking skills will help you excel in this major. You should be creative, expressive, self-motivated, and have the desire to lead.

How will I know if this major fits me?

If you are interested in understanding the way the world communicates, tells stories and interacts, this major is a great choice for you. CMU's communication classes will help you develop skills that can be applied in a variety of contexts, from journalism and media, to public affairs and human resources. Regardless of occupation, the ability to effectively communicate is one of the most sought-after skills for employers. This major will help you gain those skills, while you learn how to make a difference in your community, career and personal life.

What can I expect to learn?

As a communication student at CMU, you will learn how to create an appropriate message to a specific audience through purpose and context. You will critically analyze messages and demonstrate the ability to accomplish goals, while gaining knowledge of many communication-related fields including advertising, marketing, public relations, journalism, and other forms of media. Applying communication principles and practices, utilizing communication to embrace the differences in the world, and influencing public discourse are just a few of the skills you'll master.

Will I have opportunities for internships and hands-on learning experiences?

Many of CMU's communication classes involve a service-learning component, which gives you real-life experience prior to entering the job market. As a junior or senior, you will be encouraged to participate in an internship in your area of interest, with CMU marketing and public relations internships available. If your focus is broadcasting, you have the opportunity to participate in the Missouri Broadcaster Association mentorship program and competition. Additionally, you may be involved with CMU's radio station, Eagle Radio, and university newspaper, The Collegian.

What are CMU communication majors saying about their experience?

"I am one of the station managers for the radio and an editor for The Collegian. It helps me stay connected and up-to-date and it keeps my skills fresh. At CMU, you get exclusive opportunities. I think you have a more intimate relationship with your professors. You can just talk to them, and you're able to gain more than you will if you're just a number at a bigger university." - Brett Knese

"Professor Cherry and Professor Brink are two of my main teachers and mentors in my communications journey. They use hands-on techniques to prepare us for the real world - from hosting our own radio shows to building our portfolios, we are always working toward our futures." - Hannah Clark

"Before taking the communications route, I really had no earthly idea how I could incorporate my passion of sports and broadcasting. Through a series of classes and help from my teachers and advisors, I was placed on a direct path to reach my goal. I'm now in contract to work with the Milwaukee Brewers Organization, and I feel these courses have really prepared me for what's next." - Mickayla Spaulding

What are CMU students who graduated with this degree doing now?

Graduates of CMU's communication program are working in a variety of settings and fields in public relations, marketing, journalism, advertising, radio, television, internet businesses and more. Many are employed under a range of professional titles including reporter, media writer, digital producer, media and content coordinator, media content specialist, human resource manager, solutions marketing manager and development manager, to name a few. Other graduates have chosen to further their education at graduate schools in communication studies or closely-related fields.

Who can I speak with for more information about this major?

For additional guidance and information about the communication major, contact CMU's Admissions Department at 660-248-6251, toll-free at 877-CMU-1854, or

To read more about this major, visit our Major Resources page provided through CMU's Career Development Center.