Field Experience Information

The clinical counseling field experience involves direct community based training. All field experience information can be found in the field experience manual. The field experience is broken into one Practicum (PY563) course and two to three Internship courses (PY573, PY574, PY575). During this experience, students will be supervised by a CMU instructor and Site supervisor. Practicum is typically held in the summer and lasts eight weeks if on the Park Hills site. If on the Sedalia site, students will work as a Student Intern at the Clinical Counseling Center (CCC) in Fielding 236. During practicum, students must undergo a minimum of 100 hours of training (60 hours indirect and 40 hours direct). Internship is held in Fall and Spring semesters. Students are required to document a minimum total of 600 hours. Students may take 2-3 graduate credit hours of Internship per semester, depending on student's needs.

For example, students may break up their Internship hours in to two semesters:

100 training hours x 3 graduate credit hours = 300 training hours x 2 semesters (i.e. Fall,  Spring) = 600 Internship hours


100 training hours x 2 graduate credit hours = 200 training hours x 3 semesters (Fall, Spring, Summer) = 600 Internship hours

In order to begin at a practicum/internship site, students must have their site approved by CMU. The site supervisor is deemed to be a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Social Worker, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist. Students must provide proof of current liability insurance and has completed any other documentation required. Please refer to the field experience check list for all required forms needed in order to begin Practicum and Internship.

Field Experience Forms

Field Handbook

MSCC 1A–CCC Practicum Experience Application

MSCC 1B–Off-Site Practicum Experience Application

MSCC 1C–Internship Experience Application

MSCC 1D - Continuation of Internship Site Experience

MSCC 2–Field Placement Agreement Form

MSCC 3–Supervision Agreement Form

MSCC 4–FERPA Authorization Form

MSCC 5–Field Experience Confidentiality Form

MSCC 6–Counselor Intern Evaluation Form

MSCC 7–Site Evaluation by Counselor Intern Form

MSCC 8–Informed Consent for Counseling Services Form

MSCC 9–Continuation of Field Experience

MSCC 10–Weekly Field Log Template

MSCC 11–End of Term Review Sheet

Supervision 101

Supervision 102