Bachelor of Science Nursing

Common Core: See Common Core requirements
Required courses from General Education:
BI101 General Biology (3) and BI101L (1)
MA103 College Algebra (3) (Any student whose ACT Math subscore is below 21 must pass MA090 and MA103I instead.)
Social Sciences (CJ, CT, EC, HI, PS, PY, or SO): See guidelines.
Tier Two: Additional General Education Requirements (28 Hours)
Humanities or Fine Arts:
When choosing a Humanities course, see guidelines.
When choosing a Fine Arts course, see guidelines.
3 hours
Social Sciences (CJ, CT, EC, HI, PS, PY, or SO): See guidelines.
Must include PY101 General Psychology (3).
Must include a 200- or 300-level course in SO or PY (3).
6 hours
Required SCIENCE courses:
BI107 Human Anatomy (4) and BI107L (1)
BI205 General Physiology (4) and BI205L (1)
BI305 Microbiology (3) and BI305L (1)
CH107 Chemistry for Allied Health (3)
17 hours
Allied Health Requirements (11 Hours)
AH200  Introduction to Adaptation Nursing (2) and lab (1) [lab not required if LPN of CNA]
AH314  Pathophysiology (3)
AH316  Data Analysis for Nursing Practice (3)[may be replaced with MA105 Elementary Statistics (3)]
AH318  Basic Nursing Informatics and Application Level and Testing Strategies (1)
AH418  Individualized Remediation for Nursing Students (1)
Nursing Major Requirements (55 Hours)
NU304  Nursing Research (2)NU307   Adaptation Nursing Applications (clinical and lab course) (5) 

A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) may challenge NU307 by taking both a written and a practical examination. NU307 must either be successfully challenged or taken.   Students who pass this examination will take NU360, a special problems course for one credit hour. This course provides students with clinical experiences. 

NU308   Health Assessment (lab course) (4)
NU309   Psychosocial Integrity (clinical course) (3)
NU312  Pharmacology I (2)
NU313  Pharmacology II (3)
NU321  Public Health and Community Nursing Concepts (clinical course) (3)
NU322  Family Nursing (clinical and lab course) (5)
NU334  Evidence-Based Adaptation Nursing I (clinical course) (7)
NU336  Evidence-Based Adaptation Nursing II (clinical course) (8)
NU451  Adaptation Nursing Practicum (clinical course) (6) (Capstone)
NU452  NCLEX Review (2)
NU456  Leadership and Management (3)
NU461  Gerontology (3)