Athletic Training Degree

Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training - Min. 120 hours

Common Core: See Common Core requirements
Required Courses from General Education: BI101 General Biology (3) and BI101L General Biology Lab (1)
Tier Two: Additional General Education Requirements (25-26 Hours)
Science: Must include

BI 102 (3) and BI102L (1)
CH 107 Allied Health Chemistry (3) OR CH111 General Chemistry (3) and CH111L (1)
May count courses with the AS, BI, CH, ES, GL, and PH prefixes (excluding 260/360/460). May count SC101 but no other SC courses. May not count courses taken as part of the Common Core.

16-17 hours
Analytical Skills: MA105 Statistics (Any student whose ACT Math sub-score is below 22 must pass MA101 and MA102 or MA103 or MA103I  before taking MA105.) 3 hours
Social Sciences: PY210 Educational Psychology (3) OR PY223 Developmental Psychology (3) OR PY301 Abnormal Psychology (3) 3 hours
Humanities: See guidelines 3 hours
Athletic Training Major Requirements (65 Hours)
AH212  Medical Terminology (3)
AT101  Clinical Experiences in AT I (2)
AT102  Clinical Experiences in AT II (2)
AT103  Introduction to AT (3)
AT123  Care and Prev. of Athletic Injuries (3)
AT201  Clinical Experiences in AT III (3)
AT202  Clinical Experiences in AT   IV(3)
AT213  First Aid and CPR Lab (1)
AT301  Clinical Experiences in AT V (3)
AT302  Clinical Experiences in AT VI (3)
AT306  Therapeutic Modality Techniques (3)
AT307  Therapeutic Modality Techniques Lab (1)
AT308  Rehabilitation Techniques I (2)
AT309  Rehabilitation Techniques I Lab (1)
AT310  Rehabilitation Techniques II (2)
AT311  Rehabilitation Techniques II Lab (1)
AT312  AT Surgical Clinic (1)
AT320  Organization and Adm. of AT (3)
AT326  Adv. AT-Lower Extremities Assess. (3)
AT327  Adv. AT-Lower Extremities Lab (1)
AT328  Adv. AT-Upper Extremities Assess. (3)
AT329  Adv. AT-Upper Extremities Assess. Lab (1)
AT340  Pharmacology for Athletic Trainers (3)
AT345  General Medical Assessment for AT (3)
Physical Education requirements (9 Hours):
AT212  First Aid/Community CPR (2)
AH324  Human Anatomy and Kinesiology for Health Professions (3)
PE327  Physiology of Exercise (3) 

Biology requirements (11 Hours):
BI107  Human Anatomy (4)
BI107L  Human Anatomy Lab (1)
BI205  General Physiology (4)
BI205L  General Physiology Lab (1) 
Electives (To Complete Min. 120 Hours)