Four-Year Course Outline

This is a sample four-year course plan for a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training.


Freshman, Pre-Professional Phase
Fall Semester Hours   Spring Semester Hours
CMU101, Freshman Survival 1   CMU102, Freshman Survival II 1
BI101, Gen. Biology I 4   BI102, Gen. Biology II 4
BI101L, Gen. Biology Lab I     BI102 L, Gen. Biology Lab II  
AT212, First Aid/CPR/AED 2   AH212, Medical Terminology 3
AT213, First Aid Lab 1   EN120, English Composition 3
BI107, Human Anatomy 4   AT123, Care and Prevention of Ath. Inj. 3
AT103, Intro to Athletic Training 3   CT101, Communication Skills 3
Total: 15   Total: 17


Sophomore Year, Professional Phase
Fall Semester Hours   Spring Semester Hours
CMU201, Intro. to Leadership 1   PE111, Wellness 1
AT306, Therapeutic Modalities 3   BI205, Gen. Physiology 5
AT307, Therapeutic Mod. Lab 1   MA105, Elementary Statistics 3
PE324, Anatomy/Kinesiology 4   AT326, Lower Extremity Ortho. Eval. 3
CH107, Allied Health Chemistry 3   AT327, Lower Extremity Ortho. Eval. Lab 1
AT328, Upper Extremity Ortho. Eval. 3   AT308, Rehabilitation Tech I 2
AT329, Upper Extremity Ortho. Eval. Lab 1   AT309, Rehabilitation Tech I Lab 1
AT101, Clinical Experience 1   AT102, Clinical Experience 1
Total: 16   Total: 17


Junior Year
Fall Semester Hours   Spring Semester Hours
AT301, Rehabilitation Tech II 2   PE327, Physiology of Exercise 3
AT311, Rehabilitation Tech II Lab 1   EN222, Character and Literature 3
MA103, Algebra 3   PY101, General Psychology 3
AT201, Clinical Experience 1   AT202, Clinical Experiences 1
PS101, Government 3   General Education Elective 4
AT320, Organization/Admin of AT 3    AT345, General Medical Assess for AT  2
General Education Elective 3      
Total: 17   Total: 16


Senior Year
Fall Semester Hours   Spring Semester Hours
AT340, Pharmacology in AT 3   AT312, Surgery Clinical 1
RH122, Religion and the Human Adv. 3   EN305/6, Tech. or Expos. Writing 3
AT301, Clinical Experiences in AT 1   AT302, Clinical Experiences in AT 1
General Education Elective 6   General Education Elective 8
Total: 13   Total: 13


* HI 117 or HI118 will also satisfy degree requirement.
** Possible courses are PL306 or PL105 or RL336 or PL310. PY101 is a prerequisite. Other options are PY301 or PY210, or PY223
124 Hours is required for BSAT

*This template is not intended as a substitute for professional advising.