Weather Information and Closings

When bad weather moves in, it may be necessary to cancel classes at certain Graduate and Extended Studies locations. The following list will be updated to reflect any cancellations or delays. If the website is unavailable, cancellations will be posted on CMU's Facebook page.


Location Status For Information:
Fayette (Day Classes) In Session KWRT 1370 AM or KTXY 106.9 FM
Fayette (Night Classes) In Session KWRT 1370 AM or KTXY 106.9 FM
Clinton In Session KDKD 95.3 FM
Columbia In Session KTXY 106.9 FM
Lake of the Ozarks In Session KLOZ 92.7 FM
Linn In Session KZJF 104.1 FM
Park Hills In Session KTJJ 98.5 FM
Poplar Bluff In Session KKLR 94.5 FM
Sedalia In Session KPOW 97.7 FM
St. Louis In Session KTVI Fox 2 (TV)
Union In Session KFAV 99.9 FM
Waynesville In Session KFLW 98.9


Announcements regarding cancellation:

Cancellation announcements will be posted on the CMU website and communicated through local television and/or radio stations as identified above. When CMU classes are held on a Community College campus, the cancellation decisions of that school will generally apply. However, there may be instances when day classes are held on the Community College campus but night classes are cancelled; every effort will be made to keep information current on the CMU website and with the local media as identified above.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - Fayette Campus

Only the President, (or in the President's absence, his designee, generally the Academic Dean), has the authority to cancel classes in the event of severe weather. Suspending or cancelling classes will be avoided except under the most extreme circumstances. Because the essential functions of the University must be provided at all times, campus operations will not be suspended in the event of severe weather and thus the University will not be closed.

Procedures during severe weather:

The University recognizes that severe weather may affect an employee's ability to travel to and from work. Employees should use discretion in attempting to travel when road conditions are poor. An employee choosing not to report to work should notify his/her supervisor as soon as possible. Vacation or personal time must be used when taking time off for bad weather. If the employee has missed 4 hours or less, because of a late arrival or early departure due to severe weather, the time can be made up as long as it is approved by the employee's direct supervisor.

Announcements regarding cancellation:

All announcements will be released via the Public Relations Office. If classes are cancelled, the decision will be posted on the CMU website, appropriate official social media, and communicated through the local television and radio stations listed below.

KOMU-NBC Channel 8 KMIZ-ABC Channel 17 KRCG-CBS Channel 13
KTXY 106.9 FM KWRT 1370 AM KRES 104.7 FM